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Using a solar broker simplifies the process and gives you the homeowner, access to industry experts. At Vegas Solar we strive to get you the best quality solar system at the best price. We work with various solar companies and installers to get you the best deal.

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"When Solar Companies compete, 

our clients win"

Own your Electricity

Why rent your power, when you can own it. You can pay off your solar system in as little as seven years. After that, it's all yours. Free clean electricity for life. Solar energy is one of the most dependable, affordable, and beneficial sources of alternative energy today. The ‘Green’ environmental benefits you’re aware of are great, but there are also financial rewards to replacing traditional coal powered electricity with solar electricity. A lifetime of savings with lower energy bills and increased real estate value.

Change The World

Change your life and the world with Solar Power. Solar Power is not only the future but it's here and now. Making solar simple, fast & affordable.

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